Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I've got the Pre-Election Blues! :-(

The presidential election isn't until November, and I'm already sick of it.  And frankly, what's really going to change for me?  NOTHING!  NADA!  NO MATTER WHICH ONE GETS ELECTED!

What are the real issues?

1.  Huge Medicare cuts?
2.  Gay marriage?  (a/k/a Eat More Chik'n)
3.  Roe v Wade?
4.  Spending cuts?
5.  Tax breaks for the wealthy?
6.  No more social security?  (I haven't been counting on that one!)

Will any of this actually have an effect on my life?  It could, but it won't!  And I've voted in every election since Jimmy Carter!  And yes, I'll vote again. 

By election time, I'm sure that the media and each of the candidates will have exposed each other for the low-life filthy cheats that they will be made out to be.  All their skeletons will come out of the closet...........ugh! 

Is anyone willing to run for that office who is actually capable of handling it?