Monday, September 3, 2012

Alive and "Kicking it" in Pearland!

Sam Needs a Kidney, but still Kicking it in Pearland!  (No, not the bucket!)

It seems that with all the blogging and marketing for a kidney donor, many people have gotten the idea that I'm near death's door.  Although I don't fear death, I don't welcome it either.......but I'm alive and kicking it here in Pearland!

I know that many of my competitors secretly wish it was doomsday for me . . . but that's just not the case.  In fact, I'm developing new marketing plans for my team and my company right now.  And here's a preview of what's to come:

  • New agent development program for new and existing agents at RE/MAX Top Realty (this is where we train agents how to be extraordinarily successful as Realtors in the present and future markets)
  • New lead generation and management platform designed to increase agents' production at RE/MAX Top Realty (with support built-in to help them develop, capture, and convert far more leads)
  • New office design (our building is nearly 10 years old, so we're updating the look and the technology to help agents succeed at never-before levels)
  • New, younger office development and management team (Rachel and I are still here, but we're training the next gen -- Katie and Travis -- to assist with the support and skill building systems that we're implementing)
We think the market will improve over the next 5-10 years, so we're planning to continue to "kick it" into the next millenium!  Want to learn more?  Call me at 832-200-5656.

If you're a Realtor, and you're dissatisfied with the high cost and low production that you're experiencing by associating with your current broker, you should consider the advantages of RE/MAX Top Realty, and how surprisingly low our cost of doing business is (as compared to other national brands).  Yes, it's less!  I know that you've always heard of "high fees at RE/MAX," but that's not true.  We've kept our costs down, we own our building, we have little to no debt.  Our cost of doing business is better . . . and our market share exceeds all the others!  Find out how Top Agents at RE/MAX Top Realty make more money.