Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is Home Staging a Viable Business On its own?

Or will you go broke trying?

On this rare occurrence, I was invited to dinner by someone who only knows "of" me, but whom I'd never met.  She's a very smart neighbor of a client of mine, and for the sake of this blog and her anonymity, I'll call her "Betty."

Betty wrote to me and said that although a practicing CPA, she'd found her true love in life -- decorating.  And although she's nearing becoming a partner in a large firm, she really wants to find a way to make a living doing what she loves.  So she thought of "home staging" for home sellers/Realtors to help get homes sold.  So she offered to buy my dinner to "pick my brain" for what I know about the business.

So last night, we went to BJ's -- the place with homemade beers?  Over a nice stuffed baked potato, salad, and a Nit-Wit -- the beer du jour -- I got chatty.

Home staging in Pearland real estate has been around for about 10 years.  During that time, one local interior decorator has commanded many of the top producers' business and charges a very reasonable fee to spend about an hour helping home sellers stage their home.

I "used to use" her on The Sam Team, too, until my bill approached the multi-thousand-dollar-per-month level, and I realized I could hire someone full time and get more out of them.  So I discovered one of my newer teammates had a skilled eye for decorating and de-cluttering -- skills that are totally required for most home stagings.  So, I put him and my photographer together to form my "Stage 'n Shoot" crew, and it is one of the best  combinations in the marketplace today.

So this lady wanted my advice about a career change . . . but I only gave her the information she needs to make a good decision . . . would I do it?  To give up a near-partnership CPA practice to take a certain giant pay reduction to "follow my bliss?"  Hmmm.......

Would YOU?