Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Never trust anyone whose profession begins with a "P" . . .

That's what mother always taught me . . . painters, preachers, physicians, politicians, pimps, plumbers, prostitutes, paper-hangers, and most recently policemen.  (What about Realtors?  Lawyers?)

Interestingly, she also taught me that if I was in a dangerous "spot" or "lost," find a policeman and approach him/her.  Even Cadet Don and Seymour, my favorite morning tv show when I was a boy, taught us that.  She forgot one important caveat . . . this only applies because I'm white.

I am appalled by all the recent killings of black men by white policemen.  I guess in my own naive little world that I still trusted policemen.  Though racial jokes sometimes seem funny to me, as stereotypes come from somewhere, I'm beginning to find less and less humor in them.  Frankly, (and you may hate me for this), I rarely saw harm in jokes.  I can take 'em as well as dish 'em.  But my opinion on that has changed.  I'm learning that jokes are sometimes used for oppression by the wrong people.  Not funny.

Time for this to end.  In my life, I've lived through the end of segregation, integration, and now "forget-about-it."  But I guess that's not the case in all areas.  These recent discrimination and profiling cases give me painful reminders that the struggle is real.

I'm reminded of my favorite song from The Muppets "Avenue Q" from Broadway, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist."  Then I'm reminded of Jack Nicholson's line from "Mars Attacks:"  . . . "Why can't everyone just . . . get along?"  (Then they stab him with a fake hand that turns into a knife and flag.)

Thank goodness for video!  Those who intend to harm others should be aware that someone, somewhere is not only watching, but video-taping you.  So best if we all just . . . get along!  (And watch your P's and Ave Q's.)