Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Best Christmas Presents . . . Ever!

Christmas is next week, and as I'm stressed trying to find the "perfect" gifts for everyone, I suddenly realized the best gifts I ever received.  Usually, one must "give" to "get."  And although I always try to give everything I can and then some more, I think I'm remembering what I've received . . . which actually may help me to give!  So, the old adage may be reversed . . . this time only.

First of all, by happenstance, God delivered a wife (and subsequently) a daughter.  Though we're no longer married, she's still a big part of my life and inspiration.  My daughter is married now, and is a beautiful, giving, caring person . . . very smart and she makes me very proud.  Clearly, these were my best gifts.

Next, somehow God sent a young man into my life whom I helped to gain his confidence and inspired him toward a path of greatness . . . and his drive, determination, and internal motivation really compelled him toward achievement.  He gave me one kidney, that turned out to save my life. What a selfless gift!

The most incredible team of real estate agents -- and an incredible staff of directors, employees, and co-workers -- is also a blessing of a gift.  They are my life.

Notice a common theme?  My greatest gifts are gifts of LOVE, not THINGS!  In fact, can you remember the "things" you got for Christmas last year?  A new outfit?  A toaster?  An iPod? Frankly,
I've been trying to remember and for the life of me . . . I can't!  I am so blessed and so grateful for all my gifts!

When I Google-searched "Best Christmas Gifts" (images), it was ALL things (except for a semi-naked lady . . . hmmm . . . ).  Have we lost the true meaning?  Is is really about going into debt?

What's YOUR best Christmas Gift?

By the way, may I suggest a new home for Christmas?  Call me at 832-200-5656 to find yours!  -Sam & Team, RE/MAX Top Realty . . . and it does follow my theme . . . Home is where the Heart is . . . it's not just a "thing."  God bless you and Merry Christmas . . . and best wishes for a terrific 2016!