Friday, March 20, 2015

What happened to "integrity" in real estate? I guess I'm old school . . .

Maybe it's a generational thing, but why does it seem to me that many next-gen real estate agents seem to have no concept of "integrity" stemming from the Code of Ethics?  The Texas Real Estate Commission now requires every licensee to take 3 hours in ethics training every two years in order to renew their license.  This is a good first step, but it seems to go deeper than this.

You may know that I graduated from Houston Baptist University in 1980 . . . my daughter, Katie, graduated from the same school 30 years later in 2010.  Here is their answer to their perception of this growing issue:

School of Humanities Launches Center for Law & Liberty

The future Nancy & Paul Pressler Courtroom will be modeled after the Courtroom in Indpendence Hall, pictured here. 
The Center for Law & Liberty was created to promote American Founding Principles such as liberty, the rule of law, and free enterprise to HBU students as part of their educational experience.  

Dr. Chris Hammons, dean of the School of Humanities and leader of the initiative, says there are numerous studies that show recent college graduates have very little understanding of America's founding principles, and in many cases students actually leave college more confused and ambivalent about their country than when they started. "We can do better," says Hammons. "No nation is perfect, but we want our graduates to understand and appreciate the things that make America an exceptional nation."

The article goes on to say,  The Center also provides community programs, teacher workshops, and guest lectures by statesmen and political leaders. What is likely to draw the most attention, however, is where these programs will eventually be housed. Early plans have been approved to build a full-scale reconstruction of Independence Hall, where the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence were debated and signed. The building will also feature the Pressler Courtroom, modeled after the existing courtroom at Independence Hall. The Courtroom will be named after Judge Paul Pressler and his wife Nancy, whose lead gift will help make these plans a reality.

The vision for the Center has attracted prominent Texas public officials, businessmen, and philanthropists to sit on the Advisory Council. 

It is interesting to me that this initiative is founded in the College of Humanities rather than in the College of Business, from whence I came.  

I guess I'm old school, because this seems like something we learned in elementary school and church.  "Respect your elders, salute the flag, honor your country, obey the law, do the right thing, don't do wrong things.  But first, you must know the difference.  So, I guess that college is now the place to learn "right from wrong?"  And those who don't have the privilege of going to college don't learn it anymore?  I pray that's not true . . . 

. . . there are some basic tenets -- good old fashioned ethics -- with which one can always prevail in business:
  • Always tell the truth -- you never have to worry about what you said;
  • Maintain Integrity -- simply do what you say you will do (if you're not going to do it, don't say that you will);
  • Always do the right thing -- you are presented with lots of choices; if you don't know right from wrong, ask someone from the baby boomer generation;
  • Respect your president, no matter which party he/she supports;
  • Always be willing to help others;
  • Always be very direct and to the point -- don't beat around the bush, don't be sneaky; people respect people who are "straight up."
And I know you're probably "ethic-ed" out by now, but these points are very important to success. My belief is that "hard work is the pathway to success" . . . but that pathway must be an ethical pathway.

If this describes how you see success in real estate, then whether buying, selling, investing, or building a business, you belong at The Top . . . RE/MAX Top Realty.  -Sam Ferreri, Director of Vision