Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Politics: The more you dig, the more you find . . .

. . . and the more you find, the worse it stinks.

Boy I hate this time of year.  The republicans and the democrats battle fiercely to each find a candidate who can not only get 51% support of Americans, but who also has no skeletons or buried piles of poop that will be dug out.

Now, we even have foreign leaders trying to weigh in to sway American sentiment!  What are we coming to?

Then there are the "distractions."  If you can't find support for serious matters, focus energy on concepts that riles people's emotions.  Gay marriage and health insurance (which is a pretty serious matter, though, but being fought only for political gain).  I mean, does any American -- republican or democrat -- think that health insurance is really an option?  I was raised paying for insurance before I ate . . . do you want to "need" a kidney transplant and not be able to get one?  Or, should we just expect government to pay for it?

And we're going to vote for an American president based on whether or not they support gay marriage?

Now, it's all about personal email accounts.  So, let me understand . . . a presidential candidate should not use a personal email?  How many email accounts do you have?  Admittedly, I have 2-3 business emails, and one email (which shall remain anonymous) that I wouldn't want anyone digging into.

I could never be a politician.  I drank.  I smoked.  I participated in some things I wouldn't want exposed to the entire world for criticism.  I kind of think of myself as rather "human."  So, let's find someone who didn't do any of these things and is willing to share their entire life -- clean and dirty -- for everyone to smell.

The more you dig, the more you find.  The more you find, the worse it stinks.  Let he who is without sinful emails cast the first stone.