Friday, February 27, 2015

Pearland Realtor must endure urological exam . . .

Oh boy!  Today is my first urology exam with a bonafide urologist.  This is about as exciting as a first visit with a proctologist.

Now why am I whining?  It's just a physical exam of my body -- we ALL have one and they're all virtually the same.  Perhaps I shouldn't have googled "what to expect."  There's an internet article entitled "the 7 things a man can expect at his first urological exam."  (OK, they squeeze the dread into number 4 . . . though there it is . . . right in front of me.)

Actually, there it is . . . right in front of him/her!  Genital exam.  Digital rectal exam to check that old man prostate.  Ugh.

I will use my own inner strength to overcome.  What do you do when faced with difficulty?  I put "mind over matter."  I summon my deep down ability to live with a positive outlook and control any negativity I encounter.

Things I've recently removed from my life include full body itch, a symptom of end-stage renal failure.  First, I went to the dermatologist and obtained lots of prescriptions for skin itch.  These cremes were expensive as were the derm visits.  In fact, my nephrologist warned me that some people have committed suicide because of the itch!  That's all I needed to hear to reach down into my soul, find the place to "bury" the itch, and it now rarely bothers me.  No cremes.  No further dermatology treatments.

Another of those is energy.  End-stage renal failure causes chronic, extreme fatigue.  In other words, you wake up feeling like you did when you went to bed.  Not any more.  I always say that my morning workouts are for weight control -- and to an extent they are -- but the real reason is to keep myself going with high energy.  (Of course, the bi-weekly shots I get for $745 each help!  I haven't stopped those!)

So, I can overcome the urology exam.  In fact, I think I'll wear lace panties.  Come on, doc . . . take a look-see!  (As my first mentor Tom Hopkins taught me, "do what you fear most and you control fear.")  Let my control-freak flag fly!