Monday, April 29, 2013

Postcards in your mailbox . . . Do you read them?

Postcards in Pearland?

By Sam Ferreri        

It's no secret that I consistently mail out lots of postcards to the Pearland marketplace to keep the "Pearland Sam" brand in the minds of consumers when they need a Realtor.  Consequently, customers tell me that "they see me everywhere."

But I wonder . . . does anyone really read those postcards?  Or do they even look at the pictures?  Or do they simply get "weeded out" with the big packages of bulk mail that seems to appear in everybody's mailbox on a daily basis? you read them?  Do you like them/hate them?  Do you use direct mail in your marketing?  Here is a sample of an old postcard that we mailed to our marketplace.  Did you get one?                                                  

I guess I'm feeling insecure!  The cost to continually keep these postcards "going" is climbing . . . and there are less and less homes for sale in the market.  So . . . help me justify this cost of doing business!  Read the postcards and say, "Sam, keep 'em coming!" . . .  or tell me, "Sam . . . stop 'em!"