Saturday, April 27, 2013

Selling Homes in Pearland . . . and Houston . . . wow!

Houston Real Estate - Pearland Real Estate

I attended a Market Update on Thursday, presented by my banking partners at Allegiance Bank.  They hired a company named "MetroStudy" to do a complete study of the Houston job and real estate market.  According to their study, our present growth rate in the 7-county Greater Houston Area is huge!  In fact, at this rate, our population will double in only 6 years! 

That is an unbelievable amount of people.  How will our infrastructure handle it?  I mean, we can't drive around now, except at night!  So . . . as for being a Realtor, our future looks bright! 

The bank went on to project that our economy will be in a "low interest rate environment" for at least 7 more years!  So, you better invest in real estate, not CD's!  Call me at 832-200-5656 to get started. 
By Sam Ferreri