Sunday, April 28, 2013

Websites -- Pretty or Useful, which is best?

LeadStreet Sam asks a question . . . will you comment?

So I've been looking into a new tool offered by some folks in Michigan to help LeadStreet users make their websites prettier.  Their offer includes SEO and quite a few other features, for a low monthly fee.  It sounds great!  And they definitely have some pretty designs.

However, I caught the "tail-end" of the video presentation that stated that you give up access to your site builder, should you sign up for the service.  Which seems to add a limitation to the functionality of the website.  Also, as I've traveled around the country, agents WANT a "pretty" option.

My contention, however, has been that "it's not how pretty the site is, but what it's content is."  The unique flexibility of the LeadStreet site builder allows the user to customize whatever he/she wants to say, and present it to the public.  But, as the argument goes, Realtors are not web masters!

So . . . my question:  which is better, "pretty" or "useful?"  And I'm only talking about websites here!  Your comments will be taken seriously.  Thanks.  By Sam Ferreri