Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm staying weird and staying different . . . are you?

Wow, Graham Moore's Oscar-acceptance speech last night seemed to touch the whole world.  I love to hear testimonials like this, because suicide amongst children who don't seem to "fit in" like the "cool kids," is a bigger problem than most realize.

I still don't "fit in."  I'm the square peg for the round way, unless you whittle the edges. Growing up as "the fat kid," like Al Roker (who was teased unmercifully as "Fat Albert"), I developed a thick skin for the taunting I received.  But many kids aren't able to do that and take a different way.

For those kids, there is a national effort called the "It Gets Better" Project and has had the support of major league ball teams, actors/actresses, and even the president himself.  Check it out at . . . a project I've personally supported.

For us grown-ups, being "weird" or "different" is what makes us stand out and, like Graham Moore, can be the source of your own personal style or brand (as we Realtors like to say).  So, as Muttsy (my mother) used to say, "honey, use what you got!"

Turn it around!  Use your "gifts" to make a difference!  If you struggle to be like everyone else, you'll end up like everyone else -- the status quo.  To really be successful, you must learn to harness your differences into your strengths.  Create an enigma!  Be different!  Be YOU!

I make a living by studying and reading people and their intentions.  I was recently at a state convention, and I know that I am a walking puzzle -- others are unsure about me . . . and people like to be sure of others.  (Of course, this is in my own mind, though I consciously try not to fit in......staying true to the premise of this blog!  lol)

I also look at how my RE/MAX office differs from others.  I work very hard to build "Top Realty" as a separate and distinct advantage for agents who want to achieve in the real estate business by making our office "different."  We seek all kinds of people, and love to attract others to our "creative, collaborative culture."  Our dedicated staff is an attraction in an of itself, as they work to empower agents to be everything they want to be.

We know that the pathway to success is paved with hard work, but it helps to be different.  Be weird. I'll continue to do so.  I hope you do, too.  (Thank you, Graham Moore . . . great points.)

Are you interested in associating with a diverse, creative group of top performing Realtors?  Consider joining The Top!  Call Timothy at 713-558-2555.  -Sam Ferreri, Director of Vision, RE/MAX Top Realty