Monday, February 2, 2015

Technology Conference? Tablets? Does that include my Big Chief Tablet?

Actually, I love the changes that technology has brought to our world.  My MacBook Air, My iPhone, my iPad . . . yes, I replaced my Big Chief Tablet and Big Fat Pencil with an iPad.

But now I have to get appy.  And I have to master SEO . . . I did do that a few years ago, I even went around the country teaching it, but I need some brush-ups.

So where is it going?  To Zillow and Trulia?  To  To  To Redfin?

I just read an article on Inman that describes how the BOF ("brokerage of the future" for all you knuckleheads like me who aren't into acronyms) will be built around sophisticated agents who "bid" for the business from the brokerages, bringing only the elite producers together into 1,000 square feet of technology-laden space, suitable only for reporters.

Ok, wait a minute.  The internet will suggest which home you will love based on your input emotional needs?  And you'll buy it, based on Mac's suggestion?  In fact, this is in direct contrast to every existing brokerage model in the industry?  And this will be the BOF in 2 years???

Holy cow!  I think of myself as being somewhat "forward thinking" and a "sophisticated" Realtor.....but......can I get a grasp on that concept in 2 years?  OK, maybe, if I get a grasp that I'm in the "home-selling" business, a concept I never understood either.  That's not what I do.  Rather, I enhance people's lives and bring them family comfort by providing exceptional representation to them when buying or selling............can I become a 'bot?  Is that what BOFs (buyers of the future!) want?

Now I find myself in the training business.  I help buyers, sellers, and agents build their personal business and family life by providing counseling and consulting to provide solutions.

It's a good thing that I stay "learning-based," because it sounds like I'll need it.  Learn and grow in our creative, collaborative culture.  I got this.  I'm on it.  Let's do it!  Onward through the challenges! (May I please have my Big Chief back?)