Monday, February 9, 2015

Pearland Real Estate is now Houston Real Estate???

So last week, I had to be at the world-famous Methodist Hospital -- you know, the one where President George H. W. Bush goes periodically -- for a 7:30 kidney appointment.  Since I live just down Highway 288 in Pearland, I projected that leaving at 6:30am would give me ample time to find my way to a parking spot and arrive early.

In fact, the instructions from Methodist Hospital advised me to "arrive 30 minutes early or risk having to be rescheduled."  ("Alrighty," I thought, as it had taken a month to get this appointment and my kidneys won't last forever!)  So, I left "early," remembering that the drive from Pearland to Houston up 288 only takes 15 minutes.

To make a long story short -- contrary to my usual making a short story long -- I arrived at my destination at 7:45.

Wow!  When did Pearland become Houston?

Now I'm not complaining, mind you, because property values across our fine area have increased steadily for the last few years!  Demand out here is strong because it is relatively close to town.  So, I learned some things.

My transplant coordinator remembered me from 30 years ago, and after reminding me of our past relationship, I woke up and realized that he and his wife are fellow Pearlanders!  "So, Russ, how do you deal with the traffic?" I queried, expecting a grunt and a sigh.

But no!  Russ had a plan!  He leaves at 5am, goes to the medical center gym, works out for an hour, then goes to the hospital.  Duh.  Of course!  There is a way!  

Why don't more people follow this plan?  It may be simple rethinking.  I am sitting here writing this blog at 5:30am . . . I went to bed at 9pm last night, got up at 3:30, went to the gym at 4.  Then I came home, had some tea, and began writing.  If I worked in the medical center, it would have been easy!

So, a plan would help make the commute easier.  Yet I turn on the TV -- the morning news -- and watch the traffic jams daily.  And yet, flex-time has been around as long as I can remember.  So, why don't more people have a good plan?

Yes, my blog went into a different direction -- maybe because I listened to the founder of RE/MAX this morning on my iPhone as I worked out, who explained that a step-by-step plan toward a big goal is required for success and a good attitude.  And I saw that living in Pearland -- with its amazing schools and quiet lifestyle -- could be reality even for commuters.  I mean, at night, should you wish to go to the theatre, a ball game, a club, or whatever -- the 15 minute drive returns.  (Try doing that from Katy or Cypress.)

Pearland has simply become the southern border of Houston.  And it's a good thing.

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