Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm going to New York . . . right after the Tony's!

And I've got tickets to 3 shows (so far!)

Now that I'm taking a sabbatical from LeadStreet classes (and its ensuing rigorous schedule), I am going to take some time for myself.  After all, I have to be 24-hours away from one of the hospitals, in case I get "the kidney call" at some strange hour . . . but ok.  So, I'm not supposed to "travel."

But this New York trip isn't traveling . . . it's "theatre-mongering!"  Yes, in case you didn't know, I am a HUGE fan of live theatre.  In Houston, I have season tickets to our local musical production company, "Theatre Under the Stars" or TUTS as it's known.  I've been a patron so long that my season tickets are fifth row, center orchestra . . . the seats that others envy and wait for you to die so that they can get them!

In the Broadway Across America touring series, I have seats on the fifth row, but the aisle of left orchestra . . . not bad, but not TUTS-longevity!  And for the Alley Theatre, I have front row, center seats (right by the actor's access tunnel in center stage).  Sometimes those are great, but for the recent Sherlock Holmes show, they designed the stage in my lap and obstructed part of my view, so I moved back.

But now, it's time for a long weekend on Broadway!!!  And I've got fourth row seats to see "Kinky Boots," nominated for 13 Tony's and my bet for "Best Musical!"  I love the music, and cannot wait to see this on Friday night!  For Saturday night, I have tickets to see Nathan Lane in "The Nance," which isn't "packing the house," but Nathan Lane???  I'm IN!!!  And finally, on Sunday, tickets to "Spiderman," billed as the most technical show of all times.  I love the music to Spiderman, so I'm sure the show will be great, but I could only get balcony seats.  Oh well, I think they fly around enough to make balcony seats quite good.

And of course, my favorite hotel in all of NYC is The Milford Plaza, right in the heart of the theatre district, and one block from everything!  It's an historic hotel, lovingly known by theatre fans and actors for nearly a century as "the lullaby of broadway," because it's where every theatre star slept while visiting New York to be in a show.  Fortunately, I was able to book one of the renovated rooms . . . because it was really showing its age.  But it didn't matter.  The location is the best in New York, and the hotel is still (to this day) one of the largest hotels in Manhattan.

So now you know.  I've always said that the reason I get up every day and work my fingers to the bone is to support my theatre habit.  Broadway tickets are expensive . . . those three shows have cost me about $1250 (not including airfare and hotel).  And, not to mention, the Milford Plaza is one block from "restaurant row."  I'll be in hog heaven!