Saturday, June 8, 2013

RE/MAX Top Realty Begins All-New Agent Development System Next Week!

And there's room for you!

Real estate is a simple or basic business, but it is by no means "easy!"  While it is very easy to get into real estate, that is, getting a license, actually few Realtors really succeed at a top level.  So while you see literally thousands of real estate agents everywhere, it's important to know that most don't really make very much money at it.

There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, there is a giant misconception about what the real estate business really is.  Most people get into the business because they "love houses" and are "people persons."  Well, those may be good beginnings, but those traits generally don't last.  The successful Realtors of the world are very "task oriented" because real estate is really a task business.

So agents who can set daily tasks for themselves that are geared toward generating business or leads, and consistently perform those tasks, are the ones who succeed.  But the problem at most real estate companies is that their trainers or coaches have never succeeded at the business themselves and become trainers instead!  There's an old adage, "those who can -- do; those who can't -- teach."

This is why the Agent Development System at RE/MAX Top Realty is so different from the norm.  First of all, it has been built by one of Texas' top team leaders and one of the industry's top producing Realtors.  That's right, me!  (lol)  I've been a Realtor since I was 17 years old, and learned to take the RE/MAX system to the top level.

And now, my goal is to share that information with like-minded Realtors who want to take their business to The Top!  So, the 11-point Agent Development System that we began in January, has been revamped to today's needs.  And it starts Tuesday and runs each and every week.  It is a never-ending quest toward knowledge and implementation.

Consequently the agents at RE/MAX Top Realty are some of the most productive agents in town.  Hence, our ranking in the Houston Business Journal as one of the top residential brokerages in Houston!

Want to learn more?  Visit or give me a call at 832-200-5656 to schedule a no-obligation visit . . . I promise that you'll come away with some good information.  Why not give a call today?