Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Simple Things can Sometimes be The Best . . .

. . . like Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cones!

Houston has never had (in my memory) a Dolce & Gabbana designer store, although you can find some D&G fashions at Lord & Taylor and a few other "department" stores.  So why do we have Farragamo, Versace, Armani, and Louis Vuitton, amongst others, but no Dolce & Gabbana?
I need a new swimsuit . . . will I look like this?

Maybe because they might have to pay income taxes?  (Yesterday, the fashion designing pair, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce were convicted of tax evasion in Italy, and were given large fines and suspended prison sentences!)  All this just two days before their Milan runway show to introduce their newest designs!

But I often digress . . . the point of the story was how I'm going to get to watch the live runway show from Milan on my computer!  It will be streamed on a live feed, similar to the way I hold my training classes at RE/MAX Top Realty.  Wow, how technology has progressed . . . and yet it's so simple to do.  But I'm off to New York, and a sure visit to one of my favorite designers, even though I've resorted to JC Penney as my clothier.  Yes, I've become a simple Pearlander. 

Which, at last, brings me to my subheading topic of ice cream.  And although designer shops exist, I buy most of my newest fashions at Penney's.  And although gourmet ice cream shops exist like Marble Slab and Baskin Robbins, I still prefer the simple cones at Dairy Queen.  Perhaps it's because it's my earliest recollection of ice cream when my sister landed her first job at Dairy Queen.  Or perhaps it's because in our early years of marriage, Rachel and I drove across country many times, sampling every Dairy Queen along the way.  (We did get "picky," however, choosing only "full Brashiers" as our DQ options!  But that's another story . . . .)

I won't look like that if I eat more of these!
Ah, the unmistakable, simple and uncopied flavor of a DQ cone.  Or sometimes, a DQ "dipped" cone where they take a fresh-loaded cone and turn it upside-down into warm chocolate which then freezes into a nice chocolate crust over the ice cream.  Or a DQ sandwich with two chocolate cookies loaded with their unique vanilla ice cream.  (They used to make these to order; now, however, they're already made and frozen in the case.  Not the same.) 

And, alas, the simple has become complex with the introduction of the Blizzards and other concoctions of cream and treats.  Yes, for me, give me simplicity.  Give me a plain small cone, please.  And a sale at Penney's.

OK, OK . . . and an occasional Blizzard.  And a trip to 5th Avenue for a shopping trip to Dolce & Gabbana.  I wonder if I have to pay tax there?