Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The 4th of July in Pearland . . . yes, it's nearly here . . .

Do you have vacation plans?

No matter how hot it gets, I love the summers in Pearland.  With a projection that the temperature will get to 100 degrees F today, I am glad I live in this robust city-outside-the-city!  After returning from New York and having an absolutely splendid time, I realize that Dorothy was right -- there's no place like home.

And so summer is the time to take a vacation . . . and it's also time for the 4th of July, our celebration of America's independence.  So what are your plans?

Nothing says "4th of July" like a good, old-fashioned Texas Barbecue.  Family and friends gather in the back yard to eat brisket, sausage, chicken, and the like.  And, of course, every Texan believes that his/her barbecue is much better than everybody else's.  And since I bought a Traeger electric smoker, I now claim that, too!  That little smoker is a real treat . . . just turn it on and fill it with wood pellets and voila!  Perfection every time!  I even bought a portable one for my RV.

And speaking of the RV . . . I'm planning on spending my 4th of July in Galveston where I have the
RV parked, but I'm going to bring it home.  I am currently purchasing a beautiful acre of land with several rental units over in Brookside, about half-way between my house and my office -- a perfect place to store this gem of a trailer!

But before I move it, I plan on smoking some fresh gulf seafood -- with my now-famous macaroni salad -- to stuff myself with on the 4th of July.  Someone asked me my favorite food for this holiday . . . and so I wrote this blog to address it.  Probably my favorite food is anything that comes out of the Gulf of Mexico -- red snapper, gulf shrimp, oysters -- all are my favorites.  And they'll be great on the Traeger.  Not to mention a little time at the beach, soaking up some Vitamin D.

Oh, and I won't forget my sparklers.  Ever since I was a kid, I've loved sparklers.  And yes, I have some ready for the 4th!  Because these fireworks at the 4th spark the beginning of the peak summer real estate market.  It always begins about the 4th of July with a bang!  Ready to buy or sell?  Don't forget me!

What are your plans?