Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pearland Realtor Admits, "I was a law school dropout"

Thanks to a Drunken Night at Whatley's Bar and Grill in Jacinto City

I was amused by a large postcard I received the other day from a newbie Realtor at a local office of King Willy Realtors whose ad headline screamed, "Attorney by Training, Real Estate Broker by Choice."  It took me back to about 1983 when myself and three other friends got drunk and decided to apply to South Texas law school.

1983.....there it was.  My good friends Gloria and Steve were running Gloria's father's bar on Market Street in Jacinto City, "Whatley's."  It was quite a place!  Steve was working as a high school Latin teacher by day, barkeep by night.  It just so happened that a party broke out on this particular night, and a large group of my college alumni were there.  Bubba and Bear, famous singing duo, (Bubba works on my team and poor Bear passed away a few years ago . . . she was a little oversized and loved pills).  My other friends Garlen (a/k/a "Doonie") and Dena were there . . . Rachel and I were there, amongst many others.  The more we drank, the smarter we became!  (NOT!)

Bubba and Greg Singing Duo
So after several of Gloria's concoctions, Steve, Dena, Doonie, and I -- all recent graduates of HBU -- decided we needed to take the LSAT (law school admission test) and become lawyers.  I, of course, had been selling houses since I was 17 and paid my way through HBU with my house selling.  Nonetheless, we all signed up and took the LSAT and applied to South Texas.  Only Steve and myself were admitted.

After one semester of "torts" and "criminal law," I was overwhelmed with the work, I had opened an ERA franchise, had a new wife, and life was crazy.  I hated the "paper chase."  And I dropped out.  Steve went on to finish and became a successful maritime lawyer.  He and Gloria now live semi-retired in San Marcos and have a beautiful home and daughter, Alaine, who is a RE/MAX agent!

Bubba with Long-time friend Mark Lowry
Doonie is currently working on his PhD in some science field, and works for the MD Anderson Research facility near Smithville, where he has a ranch.  Dena received her MBA from University of St. Thomas and lives on a gorgeous custom build property housing herself and several stars of stage and screen, and hostesses the most fabulous party on that huge spread!

I even found this old photo of Bubba with long-time friend, Mark Lowry.  It was Mark who taught me video podcasting when that was new . . . and helped to restore my faith in God.  Mark is a very Godly man, and travels the country bringing people closer to Him with his style of music and comedy.  Which reminds me of the other thing I didn't do -- go to seminary.  But that's a whole 'nother story!

And me?  Well, Rachel, Katie (my daughter) and myself continue in this real estate business by choice,
by training, and by necessity.  We were prepositioned for a life of real estate, and it's what we do.  Maybe tomorrow I'll write the "real" story of what motivated me the most to drop out of law school . . . but you'll read about more rats.  Sheesh, there are rats everywhere.  Some even venture into real estate from other fields . . . yes, field rats.  Law school dropout.......that's me.