Friday, June 28, 2013

Wine Parties with Pearland Sam

Who wants to come?

I have found that I love to host wine tasting parties . . . and I just received a case of Italian reds by UPS delivery, so I'm stoked.  Last night, I hosted my first here at home.  Casual and intimate, there were only four of us so it was great conversation and I'd made some great appetizers -- cheese, crackers, fresh tortilla chips, three salsas, and some chopped smoked chicken.

Notice that I'm a little late writing this blog this morning, as I slept like a baby and just woke up and started with my Dunkin Donuts coffee -- my latest addiction.  (It costs a lot more than my usual Folgers, but it is doggone good!)

So, I've decided this is a great way to entertain!  I have a great pool, so we have to make it a swim party, too, to cool down from the red wine.

So here's an open invitation . . . and I'd love to hear from whomever would be interested in some warm camaraderie.