Friday, January 30, 2015

Radical "Change" (shiver) is coming to Real Estate???

Or so says "Inman News" in my morning inbox . . . though you may have to be a subscriber to read their entire article (to the tune of $199 per year!)......oh well, it's only money!  :(

Nonetheless, they question, "Will you survive it?"  It reminds me of a book that came out in about 1980 entitled, "The Real Estate Revolution -- Who Will Survive?"  And it discussed the major franchises as to which one(s) would be around by 2000.

In the last 40 years, all kinds of real estate models have come and gone, many have stayed.  But real estate is still bought and sold the same way today that it was in 1975 when I started.  Yes, there's more technology, but does technology replace people and relationships?  Some online services would like for you to think that it does.

After all, iPhones replaced Blackberry's.  Starbucks replaced donut shops.  Tablets and laptops replaced desktop computers.  All very radical......all very quickly.  These are some of the points that the author made in his Inman article.  (I guess he/she left out how the internet replaced travel agents, but that one has been repeated ad nauseum.)

So, they pointed out a terrific decision model for investing into the future (no matter what your business) -- the same model used by Steve Jobs to move toward iPads and away from desktops.  They took a risk and made some radical changes.

It made me think and question myself:  "what radical changes am I currently making to grow my business?"  "What radical changes am I willing to make to grow my business?"  "Do I have the cojones (at this late age) to do it?"  "If so, what would they be?"  The "old guard" wants to maintain the status quo . . . wants everything to stay "as is."  But that is certain death.  My business philosophy has always been, "grow" or "die."  There is no status quo.

And so . . . I'm going to make some radical changes going forward.  Interestingly, I've already made LOTS of them.  Once I started thinking about this, I realized my entire success in real estate has been because I've been willing to change and take risk.  Will you join me?

If the thought of "change" makes you shiver, get over it.  It's coming.  Be a part of it. . . . and be part of the movement.  -Sam Ferreri, Director of Vision at RE/MAX Top Realty, where "Top Realty" is our brand, "RE/MAX" is our cannon.