Monday, May 6, 2013

Houston Real Estate Agents are Way Oversold!

What about in Cities other than Houston and Pearland?

I have been in the process of interviewing and selecting a transaction manager for our agents, and realized that some scheduling software was required.  This is a new position at RE/MAX Top Realty, as our agents have hired their own coordinators for years.  But we realized how efficient a central person (or group of persons) could be who just worked in "the details."

Interestingly, all of our software supports agents and teams, but our proprietary system is not designed to be integrated through the entire office and serviced by one person.  Hence, my quest to find just the right add-on so as not to disrupt our complete system.

And boy, what did I find?  That our Realtors are bombarded with "vendor solutions" to their business every day, each one promising to make us rich.  Trulia, Zillow,,, Market Leader, Dot Loop, Number 1 Expert, Top Producer, Top Marketer, Market Snapshot, Real Pro Systems, Movoto, Tiger Leads, Boom Town, Home Gain, (a million different Google SEO promoters), Realty Tools, apps galore, on and on and on and on.

I realized that I had to create a phone call screening team in my own office or I'd spend all day with over-zealous salespersons of all the tools "guaranteed to make you rich in real estate!"  Sheesh!  (If you're a Realtor, I'm sure you know what I mean.  If you're not a Realtor, just Google-search "Realtor tools" or "Realtor software."  Multiply the returns x 3 and that's how many sales calls I receive daily!)

And I was remembering when I decided to stop paying all of the -- thousands of dollars a month -- and focus only on the one tool that has made my office work very efficiently -- from lead generating to lead converting -- RE/MAX LeadStreet.  But I need an add-on.  As I went through all of the "paid" CRM's and other software, I realized that all are very expensive and still don't do what I want.  And then.....I realized what will work!

Minimal cost, huge return, online, cloud-based, multi-task . . . . . . . . . . have you guessed?  You're's Google Apps.  Just search "Google Tools for Real Estate Professionals."  They have created a plethora of business solutions for real estate agents -- like blogger that I'm using right now -- and my favorite, Google Drive (which replaces Dropbox, Microsoft Office, and much more).  And so, Google Calendar will let me create the system I need to serve everyone.  And it won't cost me a cent.

Are you oversold?  Are you paying all these vendors?  Are you overwhelmed with their constant sales calls?  Tell me which ones you pay for and actually use and like.  And which ones you pay for with money down the drain.  (Yes, I, too was recently "suckered" into a down-the-drain payout for 12 months.  So as not to bias you, I'll share mine at the end.  So tune in again later.)

Are you a Realtor who would benefit from having a "built-in," highly trained assistant who could handle your details?  Then give me a call to discuss a career at RE/MAX Top Realty . . . home of the Best Realtors in Town -- serving the 7-county Greater Houston Area, 100% paperless and online.