Thursday, May 9, 2013

Proud Pearlander Proclaims: "Instagram Packs a Punch!"

People like Pictures

Prolific propaganda?  Petty painting?  Pretty photo?   Ok, enough of the alliteration . . . I've overused the p . . . (the risk of a blogger with kidney failure).

But I can't help myself.  When the pinheaded pirate built whatever-you-call-it next door to us (and practically on top of us), I began looking for ways to regain our visibility on Beltway 8.  Yes, some prankster bought the 6 acres adjacent to our RE/MAX Top Realty building and has begun construction on some kind of office/warehouse that is the poorest design on the beltway.  And he blocked our view!

But he didn't block our dumpster . . . so, since it needed a coat of paint, I thought, "why not paint it with a RE/MAX theme in red, white and blue?"  So, Robert-the-handyman bought some paint and went to work.  And our innocuous little dumpster enclosure -- which has been there for 10 years, like
Artist Rendition of New Signage - Soon at The Top!
the building -- became a "RE/MAX" masterpiece!  And then my friend Rick-the-sign-man came up with some lettering for the white space yesterday, making this look seriously RE/MAX!

So, I "instagrammed" [is that a verb?] it yesterday afternoon . . . over 50 "likes" so far!  I don't get 50 likes for anything . . . but I learned that people really do like pictures.  Someone even questioned if that's really our dumpster!  Now, a "dumpster-with-a-purpose."  Had to have a p . . . "pumpster" wouldn't work!

Well, I've had fun with this photo . . . and with p'ing this morning.  (An appropriate point for p's as we approach Mother's Day, because my mother always told me, "never trust anyone whose profession begins with a p . . . politicians, preachers, pimps, prostitutes, painters, paperhangers, plumbers, etc.  lol! RIP, Ma.)  Oh well, I had fun writing this . . . happy mother's day!  I hope I didn't p you off!

So . . . what "P"-word comes to your mind?   Please Post Your P!