Friday, May 10, 2013

I dropped my iPhone in the Pool!

The iPhone -- Blessing or Curse?

Man is God's perfect creation, exactly what He wanted us to be.  We Christians believe that we are so imperfect and never measure up to God's expectations, so He sent us His make us whole.  And now, He's sent us the iPhone, which, when fully engaged by man, is the missing link for man to connect to His perfect world.  And so, when it's carelessly damaged, is it a sin?  A desecration of the body?

That's how I feel this morning.  I have sinned.  I have desecrated one of God's blessings.

I've been remodeling my pool -- a "two week" process that has taken five weeks.  (I expected that.)  But as we're getting to the end, there were two things missing from the final completion -- the beautiful LED light show and the automatic fill line.

So when I came home yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the LED lights -- they are, indeed, beautiful.  But the "southern-engineered" automatic pool fill was an attempt at making it slightly better than a water hose stretching across the yard.  I had tried (several times) to explain to the pool contractor that a small hose bib could be retrofitted onto the manual pool fill line so that I could put a foot-long hose from that bib to the side-sitting pool-fill device ($60 at Pool Warehouse).  He said that he'd "hard-pipe" it in.  He did alright.  With twenty-five feet of PVC built above ground across my patio!  A sure death-trap for summer fun.  (Somebody -- namely myself -- will end up tripping over that hazard and busting their buns on the deck!)

How silly looking, I thought.  So Jose came to see the strangely built device and I told him that there's a little fill line hole in the side of the pool that this could have been attached to.  Still dressed in my suit from the office, I bent over the pool to find the little hole.  PLOP.  My iPhone fell out of my coat pocket right into the pool.  Jose pulled his keys, wallet and iPhone out of his pockets and jumped in -- fully clothed -- to rescue the phone before it hit the bottom of the pool as I gasped in amazement!

But he pulled it right out and was soaked to the bone -- and it was cold outside and in the pool -- and he ran to change into warm clothes while I just stood there.

The phone appeared to work.  I rushed it inside and dried it off -- even used a blow-dryer.  (I have one for the dog, not for my little bit of hair . . . I know what you were thinking!)  Then I tried to make a call.  Everything worked except that I couldn't hear.  The ear-speaker-thingy apparently shorted out.  But the speakerphone worked.

I never buy phone insurance, but when I upgraded to the iPhone 5, I'd bought it!  So, I called AT&T to get a replacement.....3-5 days + $199 deductible.  :-(  Well, I thought, I can live with a speaker phone for a few days.  But this morning, it didn't charge up.  It's not working.  Is this God's wrath for my sin?  I don't mean to sound blasphemous, but this little device runs my life.  Connections (even to the church), calendars, emails, texts, apps, everything.

So, I'll spend the next several days in deep repentance.  Pray for me.  Maybe I'll see that God wants me to disconnect with technology, and reconnect with Him.  Maybe this is a sign that the iPhone wasn't a blessing, but more of a curse.  Clearly, I'm confused.

What is it?  Blessing?  or Curse?