Friday, May 3, 2013

Pearland couple finds great success Selling Home

Cathy and Michael are Very Happy that

After over a year of anguish about selling their home in Pearland, Michael and Cathy are on their way to a one-year adventure away from the hometown they love.  "We'd lived in Pearland for 13 years, and we love our home in West Oaks Village."  But Michael's career path requires a year in Tyler, to where they are on their way.

"As soon as Michael is done, we're coming back to Pearland," Cathy said, "because we love it here.  We can't think of any place we'd rather be."

And of course, they'll be calling The Sam Team to provide the same level of service with our buyers' team as they found with our sellers' team.  "We sold our home in just 16 days with the help of Sam's 'stage 'n shoot crew' that worked with us to get our home looking perfect for the market.  This definitely helped us create an advantage in the market, and we got what we asked for!  Thank you, Sam Team!"

And thank you, Cathy and Michael, for being wonderful clients to work with.  Our home selling system is second-to-none, and we give each customer the individual attention that they need to Get Theirs SOLD.   In fact, we currently have over ten homes "in the works" in various stages of the process, as we help home sellers in Houston and Pearland get their homes into top shape to achieve maximum return.  Want to Get Yours Sold?  Investigate our Dynamic Marketing Plan today . . . and you, too, will be Sold on SAM!

Sam Ferreri is a 38+ year veteran of the Houston-Pearland real estate market, and has helped over 8,000 homebuyers and sellers in his career.  He has assembled a dynamic team of real estate professionals that work together to help customers and clients achieve their goals.  And . . . we're never too busy to give you the attention you deserve.  

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