Friday, May 17, 2013

Pearland Realtor LOVES Beazer Homes, and other Builders.....BUT!!!

Some Builders are Silly-Willy

I lost sleep last night
With my pillow -- I'd fight.
The market is tough
There's no need to get rough.

There are GOOD Builders!
I thought I'd write a few silly rhymes this morning because I've been ordered to "cease and desist" from using a particular builder's real name in any marketing.  So, I'll just call them "Fairy Gnomes."  (You know them by another name, but I've been ordered not to say it.)

All of the local builders -- including Fairy Gnomes, solicit our business at RE/MAX Top Realty.  They regularly bring us food, host us at Open Houses, bring inventory/pricing sheets and offer us commissions (+ bonuses some times) for bringing buyers to their communities and selling their products.  But the certified demand letter yesterday from "Fairy Gnomes" has baffled me to a new level.

It's no secret that I live in a Beazer Home that I purchased over 13 years ago -- and I love it!  I also love the relationship I've built with some of the Beazer sales managers, staff, and crew over the years.  We have worked together to sell many close-out neighborhoods and some new inventory homes in some of their newer neighborhoods!  In fact, we have some great deals in Pearland, specifically Spring Meadow and The Preserve at Highland Glen -- brand new Beazer homes from the $180's!

But one of our Top Agents wrote a blog post about how terrific "Fairy Gnomes" is.  Here is an excerpt:  "Fairy Gnomes is one of the largest and most respected home builders in Texas.  They offer many beautiful homes in many desirable neighborhoods . . . ."  So . . . what does Fairy do?  They send a certified "cease and desist" letter!

Here is an excerpt:  "Neither [your agent] nor Re/Max Top Realty [sic] is authorized to advertise services for Fairy Gnomes or properties owned by Fairy Gnomes in any publication or website.  We hereby demand that you cease and desist this unauthorized advertising of Fairy Gnomes."  (They go on to threaten legal action!)  ARE YOU KIDDING ME, FAIRY GNOMES???  Then stay out of my office with your offers of entrapment.  Do not spam me or my agents any longer with your lures to get us and our buyers to your communities!

There are too many GOOD BUILDERS out there to work with -- we don't need Fairy Gnomes.  Want
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to know who the good ones are?  Call RE/MAX Top Realty . . . all the other builders welcome us, our clients, and our advertising........including my friends at Beazer!   They want the support and buyers from one of the Houston Business Journal's Top Residential Brokerage Firms!  (yes, that's a plug for us!)

MORAL OF THIS STORY?  Yes, you need a Realtor to help you when buying a new home.  Your Top Agent at RE/MAX Top Realty will help you consider a lot of different options, keeping an eye on the resale potential down the road.  (How often am I hired to sell a home that someone bought from a builder without a Realtor?  Too often . . . and I can tell!!!  Don't be that person!)  Call your Top Realtor today at RE/MAX Top Realty . . . find the GOOD builders!  Get a Great Home -- new or resale from

(Am I missing something here?  I am baffled.  I keep re-reading their letter and our agent's blog . . . what do YOU think?)