Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Think all Listing Agents are The Same??? Read what happened just yesterday . . .

Lazy Realtor causes Seller to Lose -- Read this before you list!

You won't believe how this played out!  When you list your home for sale with a Realtor, that agent has a duty to present all written offers to you.  In today's market, "multiple offers" are becoming the norm.

Don't hire a lazy Realtor

So, our buyers team places an offer on another Realtor's MLS listing on Sunday.  The listing agent told Jose (our buyer agent) that although his offer looked to be the best one, that she had already sent another to the seller for signatures in Las Vegas, but they had not yet signed it! The next day, the lower offer was signed by the poor sellers, who probably didn't even know of our higher, better offer!  Did this lazy listing agent care??? NO!  She just wanted any offer accepted because multiple offers cause a lot of work!  Sheesh!

Yesterday, also, we processed 4 listings with multiple offers -- one is still not accepted and more offers are forthcoming.  Yes, it would be much easier to simply refuse any more offers; however, our duty to the seller is to present all offers until the seller tells us to stop.  This can lead to "bidding wars" with sales prices going OVER the list prices, which is a great benefit to our clients, the sellers.

Proven Marketing Strategy
MORAL OF THIS STORY?  A good listing agent can get you the most; a lazy listing agent can cost you money.  What kind of listing agent do YOU want to hire?

Note:  When you hire TheSamTeam to represent you in the sale of your home, we won't stop until you tell us.  We'll always work in your best interest, and we have the resources and skills to handle multiple offers.  Our proven marketing strategy has helped us sell over 8,000 homes.  Call 832-200-5656.