Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Google Today at RE/MAX Top Realty

Everything Google Goes Great Guns, by Sam Ferreri

There seems to be a "war" between Facebook and Google these days, as both add new features almost daily.  At first, it seemed to me that social media (nee "Facebook") was "the opiate of the masses," commanding inordinate amounts of time spent finding auld lang syne.  We were younger, more careless, our bodies were more taut (except my friends I've seen recently who've been to the plastic surgeon . . . but that's another story!).  Nonetheless, we go back to high school and college and reconnect with our old friends.  Kinda makes you feel good.  (By the way, the links I included take you to my profile pages in both media, so that you can reconnect with me!  :-)

But Facebook and Google have become far more than memory lanes.  They have become savvy business tools.  And every marketing guru in the nation has been trying to figure out how to turn these social platforms into the marketing coo of the 21st century.  And they're effective, but not with the degree of effectiveness and certainty that we're used to with more direct marketing media.  On the contrary, they require interaction with the people, rather than simply conveying messages to the people.

So today, at RE/MAX Top Realty, we're going to begin our weekly "Top Tech Tips Talk" (tick-tock, cucu, cucu) -- sorry, that's an alliteration tongue twister and I digress -- on the power of everything Google.  From Google+ (which I thought would never take off, but it has.....big time....) to Google Sites, Google Blogger (you're reading in it now), Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Apps, Google Finance, Google Wallet, and the rest . . . wow . . . it can be overwhelming!  But we're digging in, because the internet has become a Realtor's primary tool.

I continue to share the power of the proprietary system, LeadStreet, with our agents, as this is a great RE/MAX Tool.  But adding the power of Google and Facebook to the mix can help us develop our own, unique social platforms in the cyber world.  And, I believe that creating "information on demand" for the consumer is the next trend away from flooding inboxes with spam.  Maybe it's "spam on demand?"  Because sometimes, people need the info that was previously contained in spam.  (Did anyone ever eat "fried Spam sandwiches" growing up?)  Sorry, Hormel, but yuck. you's about Everything Google starting today.  Want to learn more about Google and RE/MAX Top Realty?  Call me at 832-200-5656.  by Sam Ferreri . . .

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So which do you prefer . . . Google?  or Facebook?