Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Weekend is coming up . . . and I need a vacation . . .

But take a moment to remember and give thanks

Yes, it's Memorial Day . . . and here in Houston and Pearland, it's the "transition" period from Spring to Summer.  It's time to go to the Beach, or get in the pool.  (I've remodeled my pool with new heater, gas line, flagstone coping, sparkly plaster, colored LED lights, automatic fill line . . . and now it's time to use it!)  I even have my little RV trailer parked down in Galveston so that I can go to the beach anytime I want, too.

But I don't do it.  Instead, I'm working like crazy in this frantic real estate market, which is chock-full of issues -- high prices, low appraisals, low inventory, high demand, tight lending -- all the things that keep me on my toes . . . and not on vacation.

"You work too hard, Mr. Ferreri," she says, "you should take a vacation."  Great for her to say, but hard for me to do.  Why do I work myself so hard that by the time I take a vacation, I'm too tired to enjoy it?  I'm a workaholic . . . it's an addiction.  But this is all off point.

It's Memorial Day . . . which means a few days off for most of us.  But what about the brave men and women who've died in the Armed Forces?  What about those who risk life and limb in some of these God-forsaken places that they're stationed in?  THEY need a vacation -- a break from all that.  I should shut up and quit whining . . . working hard in this country is far easier than what our brave service men and women risk every day in some horrible places on earth.  For them, I am thankful.  For them, I celebrate freedom!

And so . . . as I enjoy my newly remodeled pool . . . my little RV . . . and my day off . . . I will stop and remember what Memorial Day is really for.  And give thanks that there are brave soles who willingly die for me to have freedom and a day off.  I hope you'll stop and remember them, too.  And enjoy your day off . . . and the accompanying BBQ.

God Bless all of you for reading . . . God Bless all of our service men and women . . . God Bless America.