Friday, January 16, 2015

All this talk of "Success" makes me leery of it . . .


I am intrigued with the idea of "success," but I'm also wary of all the different interpretations given to the notion!  I mean, really, what does "success" mean?  I've learned that everyone interprets this concept differently and everyone's definition of "success" is probably valid.  So, round and round it goes.

Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine, spoke at a convention I attended recently.  He was quite interesting to listen to, as he's not the first publisher of this magazine, but a successive publisher in a lineage that stretches back to the 1800's.  What I took from his discussion was that his magazine and all of its publishers have interviewed most of America's most successful men and women, per their own definition (which, incidentally, was never made clear).  However, they interviewed all the presidents, business people including Andrew Carnegie and the like, and hundreds of others.  As he's read ALL of those interviews as publisher, he found only ONE COMMONALITY amongst all those people when asked "what made you successful?"

Though there were lots of answers, the one thing that each of them said was, "hard work."  Thus, the belief system at my own company was founded by this one thing:  "the pathway to success is paved with hard work."

And so, I set out to define "success" for RE/MAX Top Realty and REALTORS in general.  And the best way to look at this that I've found so far comes from my Abundant Coach who says, "success in real estate is two-dimensional -- ability and willingness."  He further goes on to coach me that I can only help other agents (which is my personal and company mission) in one of those dimensions -- ability.  In other words, as president of one of the largest RE/MAX offices in the world, I must focus on helping agents become consistent, efficient, and proficient in their ability to serve consumers in their real estate needs.

Thus, I must provide an office support environment that supports a complete agent development system that appeals to real estate agents at every level of their career -- from beginner to extreme producer.  The elements of that program must include consulting, coaching, training, evaluating/accountability, and MasterMinding (or networking).

The "willingness" dimension is completely up to the individual agent.  My focus is to inspire, coach, encourage, and model desired willingness behavior, but each individual decides whether or not to do it on his/her own.  Thus, our motto at The Top, "NIKE."

If you're interested in working in a collaborative environment (and soon in a professional development center), you owe it to yourself to investigate the opportunities that await at The Top.  -Sam Ferreri, 40-year-real-estate-veteran