Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Never take your eye off the ball, by Sam Ferreri


It seems there's a new "cycle" in real estate -- technology.  Buyer and seller markets change about every 5-10 years, and now technology, which revolutionized our business, is revolutionizing itself over and over again!

Apps, websites, CRMs, SEO, aggregators, listings, leads, on and on . . . so how does one stay up-to-date?

Frankly, this challenges me.  I did not grow up with a computer, but rather got my first Apple IIe with dual floppy drives in about 1981.  Prior to that, my only experience with a computer was learning to program in Basic with a Control Data-accessed computer tape terminal......sheesh!

Advanced Technology
I read that your iPhone has more power and capability than the computer that President Kennedy used during the Cuban Missile Crisis!

Kids who grow up with iPads, computers, smart phones, smart watches, and the like will have a distinct advantage over the rest of us . . . unless we manage to somehow keep up.

What I've learned is to surround myself with those "kids" and watch what they use:  Facebook, Instagram, text messaging, and online reviews -- both good and bad.  Be extremely mobile.  Learn and use the tools that they use.

Continue planning your day as always, but in your "professional development" time, include study and use of new technology.  Yes, real estate is a "relationship" business -- but build and solidify your relationships with technology in the mix.  Keep up!  As they told Forrest Gump when he was learning to play ping pong, "the secret is to never take your eye off the ball!"

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