Friday, January 9, 2015

Sometimes, cheaters win. And I am usually on the losing side of that.

What I've learned in 40 years in the real estate biz, part 2, by Sam Ferreri

Sometimes cheaters win.  Despite the fact that I was always taught that "cheaters never win," alas, sometimes they do.  Now maybe they get what's coming to them through karma, but some people have become so good a cheating that they win their battles or they claim their successes when everyone knows they cheated.  I hate this fact of life.

The Helmsleys, Harry & Leona
Long ago, I adopted a philosophy from hotel magnate, multi-billionaire quaker, Harry Helmsley. (I'm sure you remember his infamous wife, Leona Helmsley, "the queen of mean" who ran his hotels after his death and subsequently went to prison for income tax evasion.)  Nonetheless, Harry's quaker philosophy was "I will outsmart thee, but I will never cheat thee."   Frankly, I live by that rule.

Play fairly, squarely, by the books.  Go to the line, but never cross it.  Use your brain.  Use your wit. Use your skill.  Use your God-given talents.  But do not cheat.

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