Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stay "light on your feet" is the best advice


Yesterday, I had the privilege of being an invited guest on the "Real Estate Rat Pack" radio show on FM 100.7.  The panelists pointed out that during my 40 year tenure as a Realtor, I've lived through some of the most dramatic changes in the market in history.  So the question was, "how do you deal with the changing market?"

Since I'd made some notes during 2014 of what I learned in the last 40 years, I was easily prepared for the answer:  be light on your feet.  In other words, be very adaptable to change.

In my notes, I'd written, "the market always changes -- no matter how good or bad it is today, it will soon turn the other direction without much warning."  Wouldn't it be swell if we had warning (like the sign) to warn us when change was about to come?  Better yet, if it would signal exactly what the change would be and how to get ready for it . . . we could easily plan our adaptation!

But that's not the case . . . we have to be ready to adapt and turn on a dime.  If the market is new homes, sell new homes.  If the market is distress sales, become a distress sale expert.  If the market is foreclosures, get some foreclosure clients.  When a hurricane hits, put together a reconstruction team. In other words, do what you must do . . . quickly.

But you know what?  This advice extends way beyond real estate.  I think about getting older, though I refuse to acknowledge it!  (lol)  And typically, as we age, we become more resistant to change . . . we want everything to remain the same.  But alas, this is not the case.  So, as we age, staying "light on your feet" becomes one of the biggest challenges, and the biggest advantage for those who do it.

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