Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My 40th year as a Realtor . . . by Sam Ferreri

It is hard to believe, but this month marks my 40th year as a full-time real estate broker.  I began when I was 17 years old and junior in high school.  There are still a few folks around who remember my mother, Lou Johnston, who began her real estate career in 1961 (when I was just a boy) and died in 1988 after suffering a brain aneurysm on her way home from our (then ERA) office.  Because I was a very fat boy, she insisted that I get a real estate license because, in her prior experience as an employment agent, "no one would hire a fat boy."  I needed to learn to work for myself.  So I did.

The fat boy
My efforts to prove her wrong went in vain, as I worked and paid my way through Houston Baptist University by selling houses.  When I graduated with my BA in 1980, I went to an employment agency to get "a real job."  The employment agent, a young blond female, interviewed me and asked, "do you really think anyone will hire you at your size?"  As I left, I can still remember thinking, "I guess ma was right . . . I'm too fat to get a job.  I guess I'll continue to sell real estate."  And I did.

As I face the final years of life, I mean, seriously, I'm 57 . . . it's the last quarter!  Now it's time to make the most of it.  Actually, these years seem to be the best!  And so I don't see my job as "selling houses" any longer . . . oh no . . . I realize my job is to help people -- buyers, sellers and real estate agents -- to grow their personal wealth in real estate.

And so, over the last year, I've written a collection of my thoughts of "what I've learned in 40 years of real estate."  Stay tuned . . . read my blog each day as I add more!  -Sam Ferreri, RE/MAX Top Realty