Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Never stop. And Never say Never.


All my life I've heard, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."  (Maybe that was an ad for military recruiting?  Hmmm.....the memory is gone.)  Oh well........

Nonetheless, nothing could be truer.  And the real estate business is tough . . . full of disappointments!  That listing you're sure to get has someone else's sign in the yard tomorrow, that buyer who's ready to make an offer on the house you showed does so, but with another agent, your best friend calls you so excited to tell you about the new house she just bought (without you, of course) . . . and on and on.  This shit hurts.  (excuse the vernacular)

Sweathorses Collaborative Environment
I've seen this "stuff" shut agents down, ruin their attitudes, and darken their spirits.  Yes, it is a natural human reaction.

But you have to get over it.  Shrug it off.  Shake it out.  Don't stop -- immediately work on the next buyer or seller.  Don't let it get you.  Keep going.  Call 10 more expired listings, send out 10 more absentee owner cards, call all your past clients who love you and ask them for a referral.

99% of the responses you'll get as a Realtor are "no's" or "negatives."  You'll thrive on the 1% who say "yes!"  Go get those "no's!"  You must put those behind you to get to the "yes's."  Do it.  Start now.  Don't stop.

For agents who need structure, moral support, and comradery to start and never stop, join our Daily Sweathorse Workshops at RE/MAX Top Realty.  Call Tim at 713-558-2555 for details.  Work your way out of your funk!  -Sam Ferreri, President