Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There are lots of people who hate me . . . surprised? Not surprised!

TEACHINGS OF A SUCCESSFUL REALTOR, by (prophet) Sam Ferreri  (lol)

And they usually fall into one of several categories.  But first, how did they get such a hate-on? Well I only have some theories, because I think I'm so lovable!  

The first is "jealousy and resentment."  There's an old saying, "it's lonely at the top."  My late (wealthy) aunt taught me this one . . . the more successful you get, the more people you leave behind who become jealous and resentful of your success.  Well, as touting myself as "Number 1" for years, I built up a plethora of haters.  

This is an interesting category of haters, because they fall into several sub-categories including those who work in competing offices, those who moved far away and work in other brokerages, and (my favorite) those who hate me but still work with me!  There are one or two entire brokerage companies that exist with nothing but Sam-haters!  It seems to fuel them.  

Sometimes, you may think, these guys aren't really "haters," they're just "competitive types." Maybe so, but they seem to feed on hating the number 1 guy.  I wonder if I'd be hated in such a fashion if I were a typical producing agent?  

I look around for the answer and realize that many (if not most or all) of the tip top producers in the Houston market are hated . . . hated by people who don't even know them!  Aha!  Aunt Joni was right!  They hate their success and the aura that it brings!  

But I guess I can't overlook another category of haters.  Those who know me, maybe have had a relationship with me, and have run away screaming, "I hate you, you @#$%@@!!!"  Hmmm....... maybe I better not go too deep with that one!  

Oh well, out of the adage, "if you're not pissing people off, you're not doing anything!"