Monday, January 12, 2015

Real Estate Teams -- Win? or Lose?


Real Estate "Teams" have become the "norm" in our marketplace nowadays.  But are they really effective?  While many have tried to organize the best team "models," few have succeeded.  Most teams seem to be highly inefficient in their organizational structure.

Many agents believe that the "first" thing to do is build a team.  In fact, some of our competitors encourage that because it adds more licensed agents to their roster.  So, an inefficient agent hires another agent to work on his/her "team," and now you have double inefficiency.

The correct procedure is to identify the vital activities of a successful real estate agent, and divide those activities into dollar-productive and non-dollar-productive (or administrative) tasks.  The primary agent begins his/her career by handling ALL of the activities . . . but when he/she becomes so busy that tasks are getting overlooked, it is time to hire the first team member to assist (probably) with the admin activities.  Then, the growth can begin.  

Every team should have a well-structured system in place with each members duties and procedures carefully outlined so that there are no stones unturned, and everyone on the team knows his/her responsibilities.
Master, Team Leader Designation

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